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Mayor Ted Wheeler, shortly after being tear gassed Wednesday. MATHIEU LEWIS-ROLLAND

Mayor Wheeler Condemns Feds’ “Indiscriminate” Use of Tear Gas, Despite Portland Police Using Identical Tactics

After being repeatedly tear gassed Wednesday by federal police, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is in agreement with protesters: Law enforcement’s response to nightly demonstrations is disproportionately violent. “The tear gas… it’s indiscriminate,” Wheeler told reporters, standing in a swarm of protesters on the street outside the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse at 11:45 pm. Wheeler, who had just been hit by

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Video Removed

The intellectual property owner of a video on our youtube page from July 13th regarding the case of Kevin Benjamin Weier has requested we remove the video from our youtube page, after consulting with attorneys to ensure we were not having any effect on an open legal case we have complied with their request to remove the video. We do

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Recap and Replay of events from July 14th-15th-2020

Replay and recap of day 47 of Portland Protests 

Day 47 (7/14/20202) started out with a March organized by Rose City Justice which started at revolution hall. In coordination with Portland Protest Bureau, the march moved from Revolution Hall to Pioneer Courthouse Square, and the split with some of the group going with Portland Protest Bureau to the Justice Center, and some returning to Revolution Hall with the Rose

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