Boston Bereaved, But Who Are The Real Terrorists?

Suddenly, with no warning, America has experienced the horrific tragedy of a “fish bowl bombing” on its own soil. (A “fish bowl” is what FEMA and DHS drills call a big crowd).

Three dead, more in intensive care holding on to life by a thread, and 140 injured by two bomb explosions near the finish line of the Boston marathon – and, oddly a report of a fire in a nearby building housing the offices of a firm that investigates financial corruption.

It’s tempting to write a headline like “Terrorist Bombing Comes To The Streets Of The USA.” But no known terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this unprecedented attack.

First reports said additional unexploded bombs were also found, but before long the official narrative was that there were only two explosions and no other devices were located. Oddly enough, and it’s rather eerie, there were also reports that Homeland Security was conducting a drill in association with the Boston marathon. That’s eerie, because “drills” and “exercises” were also occurring at the time of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, and when the bombs went off on a London bus.

When such events occur, the Mainstream Media immediately speculates about who the perpetrators might be. In this case, they are pointing fingers at someone from Saudi Arabia as a “person of interest” even though there is no evidence that this person was involved in any way at all. But it serves the media to repeat such innuendo in almost every report, even though officials and politicians appear to stand back, express shock and horror, say we must gather all the evidence possible, and hunt down and bring the guilty party or parties to justice.

That is the formula that is followed in all such cases, and they always serve to distract us from other issues or events. Classic example – the destruction of the Twin Towers and the media focus on just those two buildings, with no questions asked about how a third building – Building 7 – could have collapsed into its own footprint hours later, having never been struck by a plane.

Coincidentally, there were a lot of files in that building related to corruption in high places.

Coincidentally, it’s almost impossible to find an image on Google Search showing Building 7 (or the Twin Towers) going down in exactly the same manner as a controlled demolition.

But what has any of that to do with the Boston bombing? And who are the real terrorists?

Terror has certainly come to Boston, and has no doubt affected everyone who has watched or heard those explosions and the subsequent mayhem.

But was this act really the work of bona fide and real terrorists – by which we mean those groups, such as Al Qaida, or the Taliban, that we have been told for more than a decade are intent on destroying America? If that were the case, why have they not claimed responsibility?

We can certainly expect the official story to evolve and be refined as time goes by, as it does in all such catastrophes. Yet there will always be those who question the official narrative, whatever it might be, and among them is a subscriber who emailed us with this comment in relation to the Boston bombing:-

“Of course the real terrorists have been at it behind the scenes for 100 years now – 2013 is the 100th anniversary of when the financial terrorists took over the USA.”

He is referring to the creation of the Federal Reserve and its century-long hold on the reigns of power. He is also alluding to the banking families behind the scenes who have used any means possible to further their New World Order agenda. Their modus operandi has been to keep people emotionally engaged and preoccupied with the fear of enemies, real or imagined, while cold-bloodedly sending people to their deaths in manufactured wars and revolutions and false-flag events. Or manipulating the financial sector by way of bubbles, depressions, inflation and deflation, all the while working toward a one-world currency, a one-world religion, a one-world order by way of creating problems than offering solutions that gullible emotional people believe will bring peace and tranquility. (Gun control is but one of their agendas).

All that said, what may we conclude – or perhaps speculate on – as a consequence of the Boston bombing? We certainly want this act resolved and the perpetrators found and punished…BUT….

Perhaps we’ll now see new regulations governing the purchase of black powder, which is used extensively by those who load their own ammunition – and which can be used in the manufacture of explosive devices. That would be a natural follow-on from the gun-control agenda would it not?

We may also note that on the day of this tragedy, the price of gold plummeted – which had the mainstream media, in this case The Christian Science Monitor – telling us that gold’s biggest tumble in 30 years happened because of “a slowdown in inflation, combined with speculation the Federal Reserve is considering winding down its stimulus program.” The CSM would have us believe that “inflation has remained under control, even as the economy has improved. In fact, the value of the dollar has risen recently relative to other major currencies. That makes gold a less attractive investment.”

They even say that “stocks are rising,” “the Dow is up 11 per cent this year,” ” the Fed is contemplating ratcheting back its economic stimulus,” and “If the economy continues to improve, the Fed may even raise interest rates to keep the economy from overheating, pushing up the cost of goods too much.”
In Ham radio parlance, their whole approach smacks of “Bravo Sierra.” The Dow Jones, Standard and Poors and the Nasdaq all opened lower on Monday, then everything tumbled further, with a slight recovery come Tuesday’s opening.

We have to wonder, will the 24/7 attention that the media will now give to the Boston bombing divert us from seeing what’s coming in the way of a financial collapse that will further the goals of the “real terrorists” ? And why is it that the FBI was unable to discover this plot in advance, considering their track record of sting operations in which they provided would-be bombers with training and materials, then arrested them at the last minute? Was this a sting operation that went badly wrong?

Or another crime committed by the “real terrorists?”

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