Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dead, Suspect #2 On The Run Kills MIT COP

[repostus jump=4 hash=03c492b80eb9ee26da885f3b334c9794 title=Boston+Marathon+Bombing+Suspect+Dead%2C+Suspect+%232+On+The+Run+Kills+MIT+COP short=1CWjX snip=UPDATE%3A%C2%A0Suspect+%232+has+been+identified+as+Dzhokar+A.+Tsarnaev%2C19%2C+and+has+a+Massachusetts+license.+His+brother%2C+name+not+yet+confirmed%2C+was+reportedly+26+years+old+and+born+in+Russia.+The+IED+was+found+on+the+body+of+suspect+%231+ready+to+explode%2C+presumably+a+trap+for+law+enforcement.+Reports+from%26hellip%3B thumb=5075952]

This IS the Terrorist say many, may have bomb on body use caution heard over police scanner

Many news outlets reporting that this is the terrorist they have been looking for. Most reports are breaking on twitter. BREAKING: Cops Boston on suspect on loose: Believe him a … Read More

Footage from Boston as Police are on a search for the suspect

 FOXBOSTON CAMBRIDGE, Mass. ( – A police officer was fatally shot at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Thursday night. According to MIT’s official Twitter account, gunshots were reported near building … Read More