Civil War, Battle Lines Being Drawn

Battle Lines Being Drawn

IN 2008 it was announced Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart. What do you think?
IN 2008 it was announced Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart. What do you think?

Using the mother of a child murdered at Sandy Hook to stand in for him and his usual weekly radio address, President Obama showed once again that he is all in favor of disarming Americans – the law- abiding ones rather than the criminal ones who can get guns any time they want, regardless of what laws are on the books.

So polarized has the gun-control debate become, that the prospect of civil war is being openly discussed, as in this excerpt from an article by “The Health Ranger,” Mike Adams.

(NaturalNews) “A civil war looks likely to break out in America, and it will pit gun rights advocates (people who love liberty) against gun control zealots (people who hate freedom and love tyranny). The battle lines are being drawn right now as gun manufacturers are leaving anti-Constitution states like Connecticut and Colorado and relocating to pro-Constitution states like Texas and Arizona.

“Why does this matter? Because in effect, the anti-Constitution states are disarming themselves by expatriating weapons manufacturers. Thus, they are eliminating their own weapons infrastructure and leaving themselves relatively defenseless should a civil war occur.

“States like Texas and Wyoming, where gun manufacturers are increasingly moving and setting up shop, are simultaneously building up a massive arms infrastructure that may ultimately spell the difference between victory and defeat in a civil war.”

The article goes on to list pro-gun and anti-gun states, suggesting that people who prefer freedom over tyranny should move to the pro-gun states. Adams also suggests the “anti-Constitution” politicians and those who vote for gun control – which is to vote against the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms – are actually treasonous people who should be arrested and incarcerated as “enemy combatants.”

Our preference would be to stay out of this whole debate because the last thing we want is to see this issue boil over into rampant violence and civil war. But the possibility cannot be ignored, else we could find ourselves blindsided by some pre-emptive action such as the sudden imposition of martial law under the pretext of a “national emergency,” or even the lock- down of a city where gun rights advocates just might get involved in demonstrations that become riotous behavior triggered by embedded provocateurs.

If, and we say if, civil war does break out, it would
immediately disrupt the just-in-time food delivery
systems on which our supermarkets rely to feed
their cities. What then? Before long, lock-down happens, and those who have let all this go by as if it would never happen will find themselves quickly running out of food, which means if you have prepared and still live in a city, you’ll be surrounded by desperate people. And history has shown that desperate people rapidly resort to desperate measures.

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Kip Winans
Kip Winans
8 years ago

I find it odd for Wyoming a “gun-manufacturer” friendly state will fall under Canada’s influence. Does Canada not have strict gun laws? I would think in the above described scenario that Canada would become under the EU’s influence which would mean Wyoming would then in turn be influenced by the EU.–Kip.

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