Connecting Dots From Cyprus To New Zealand To One World Order Out Of Chaos

If you read enough about what’s going on in Cyprus right now, you’ll just have to notice that every step of the way there is a bank of some sort involved – whether it’s those in Cyprus that have shut down, probably till next week at least  to prevent people getting their money out, or the European Central Bank, or the International Monetary Fund.

In all of this Daylight Robbery scenario politicians are nothing but the middle men, even though they are the ones who got their countries into debt on the backs of their taxpayers and are now falling over backwards to placate the banks they borrowed from by imposing terrible austerity measures – and plotting to rip off people’s savings directly from their bank accounts.

While the Cypriot Parliament has now voted against allowing this rip-off to proceed in its initial form (as much as 9.9% of each account being stolen) , the banks nevertheless remain closed, thereby denying every depositor the chance to withdraw what is rightfully theirs – their savings, and in many cases their working capital for business purposes.

What this tells us is that governments have absolutely NO control over banks.

And banks have total control over governments.

We’re not talking about your local branch or “small” banks. They’re just the herrings among the sharks. We’re talking about the Central Banks and the Big Banks – the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the ECB, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements…..none of which is controlled by any government because they are all either  PRIVATELY OWNED or operated by individuals who have absolutely no allegiance to any nation whatsoever.

Proof of that is very simple. Do you know of any government that prints its own money? If they did, how could they possibly be in debt to themselves???

Follow the money even further, and you find that the conspiracy theorists are quite correct – there really ARE families and dynasties that are working toward world control, with much help from politicians of a certain yellow stripe.

While Cypriots will spend the next few days getting madder and madder over what they’re being subjected to, when you look at the bigger picture, you have to wonder how soon this rage of theirs will spread throughout the European Union – and before long over here to the US as well.

After all, you can only kick a dog so often before it starts to snarl and then fight back, and people being treated like dogs are going to be people fighting back.

Sidenote:- There’s word from New Zealand that their government is also scheming behind closed doors to do something similar to what Cyprus has done – rip off people’s savings to pay the banks they’ve borrowed from! But that should be no surprise since their Prime Minister is a former employee of one of the major banks himself, and now he has political power just as former employees of major US banks have had when they’ve become Secretary of the Treasury in this country. Who do you think they serve? You? Or the Bankster Agenda – which dovetails in with the long-standing (conspiracy theory NOT) push for a One World Government.

The European Commission’s latest statement about Cyprus includes the usual nonsense phrases like “corresponding financing parameters.” which tell you nothing, and this:- “Regarding the one off levy on deposits BELOW 100.000 €: The Commission made it clear in the Eurogroup BEFORE the vote in the Cypriot parliament, that an alternative solution respecting the financing parameters would be acceptable, preferably without a levy on deposits below 100.000 €. ”

Well, HOORAW…..

Ever heard of the “problem/solution” dialectic? That is, create a problem, push it to the max, then offer a pre-planned solution.

You could be forgiven for thinking something like that might be going on with this issue in Cyprus – and in New Zealand. Those two countries could well be the test beds for pushing people to the max, creating widespread riots – allowing it all to spill over into the rest of Europe and then into the United States – and then doing a crack down like we’ve never seen before.

If you were them and their political minions, it just might be handy to have a few billion bullets on hand, and a few hundred armored vehicles in the hands of law enforcement and government agencies, and of course you’d want to disarm as many people as you could as well, ya think?

Follow all that with the “:solution”, which would be the introduction of a “:new”: currency, probably globally, and all under the control of a “new” banking authority. It would be  privately operated of course, but under the guise of some sort of political cover, which is what the One Worlder proponents have used so successfully so far, having set up organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and even the European Union in their incremental moves toward their goal.

We have choices.

We can run with the lemmings.

We can become road kill.

Or we can make a few personal decisions as to how best to control our own finances and our own futures.

We either do that, or we go down with the ship when the ship hits the fan.


Michael Knight.
Wise Prepper News.


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