Deception and Understanding The Year of Solar Storms.

January 26 2012:

Deception and Understanding The Year of Solar Storms.


Reprinted with permission from Family Survival News. First published January 17 2012 – well before this week’s solar storms.:-

I’m writing this under a pseudonym because your recent newsletters scared the heck out of me.

But not as much as some of the things I’ve been pondering as we head into 2012. In particular, I’m referring to the sun, and what to expect it to do to us this year. And it ain’t pretty.

Although the mainstream media sometimes covers important issues, it’s really hard to know who and what to believe these days. So I have done my own research and I came up with some really weird ideas about war and weather and 2012.

The first thing I did before starting this email was to have a look at the most recent satellite images of the sun that I could find, and guess what.

Sun January 16 2012


Latest GOES 15 Satellite images of the sun can be seen here.

In its own words, NOAA tells us “The GOES 12 through 15 spacecraft each carry a sophisticated Solar X-ray Imager to monitor the Sun’s X-rays for the early detection of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and other phenomena that impact the geospace environment.

“This early warning is important because traveling solar disturbances affect not only the safety of humans in high-altitude missions, such as human spaceflight, but also military andcommercial satellite communications.

In addition, coronal mass ejections can damage long-distance electric power grids, causing extensive power blackouts.”

I guess that’s not telling us anything we haven’t read before, and it has nothing to do with politics and crooked bankers and the Powers That Be as you call them.

Or does it?

While I was thinking about all this I was playing a bit of chess against the computer. I’ve only been playing for about six months but it just so happens I’m winning 60 per cent of my level 1 games so far, and I’ve drawn another 20 per cent. Does that make me a genius? Probably not.

What I’d like to say though is that the computer seems to have learned to anticipate some of my moves. And it also seems to win a lot when it starts the game with the white pieces and I play the black pieces.


Lost two white pawns to start


This got me to thinking how to outfox the computer, so now I start a lot of my games playing white and if I don’t do anything too stupid I usually annihilate the black pieces and win by checkmate in a few minutes.

Sacrificed three more and…checkmate.

Being an honest sort of guy, I have resisted using the undo option when the computer has surprised me or capitalized on my short-sightedness and taken my Queen, which is the most valuable piece on the board since she can move in all directions. (I lied right there. I have certainly used the undo option occasionally, and it’s like stepping back in time to change the future, which I’m sure we all wish we could do about some things in our lives).

However, cheating yourself like that isn’t what the game is about. After losing a lot of the early games because I was trying to learn how best to move the pawns and rooks and bishops and knights, I started realizing that chess is more than a game of skill.

First up, you need experience before you gain any skill at all, and that experience includes a lot of losing and learning. Mainly,you learn that if you don’t think and plan ahead, you will lose. Every time.

But the big “ah ha” moment was realizing that you can only achieve your goal through deception.

That’s right. You have to make moves that will suck your opponent into thinking you’re going in a certain direction when in fact you are distracting him from what your real intent is.

By doing this you are consistently seeing your opponent as a born loser who should be played to your advantage so by the end of the game, you have used up all his pieces and transformed your own into multiple Queens – which of course are the elite pieces on the board.

Granted, you’ve sacrificed some of your own underlings, but the idiots, the pawns and rooks and knights and bishops on the other side, never saw it coming.

If I seem to have labored the point, it’s because the game of chess can be seen as a metaphor for what is happening in the world, on many levels.

It comes down to one word.


As I see it, we are seen by the elite as losers, to be used to their advantage. And we are being deceived and distracted at every turn from what we should be concerned about.

The elite are not stupid people. They are highly intelligent and totally focused on their own goals and ambitions. Not to mention their own survival, at our expense.

I know it’s a stretch, but I for one have started to see everything around me as a deliberate distraction. We are like the spectators at a football game, or the old days of gladiators and games in Roman times.

Using television as but one example, we are distracted by commercials that would have us buy the latest iteration of a pizza in a cardboard box; a spiffy car that slides sideways in the snow; a cosmetic product that will make us almost-70-year-olds look and feel like teenagers again; or a pill that will have us indulging in suicidal thoughts while we quit smoking or have more sex. (At 70?!).


Cable and satellite television provide us with literally hundreds of movies and programs that distract us on many levels.

We are being programmed and brainwashed and dumbed down every minute of the day by inane reality shows, soap oeras, crude sexual behavior, idiotic series fronted by halfwits , and so-called news that is nothing short of stage-managed theater (O’Reilly comes to mind).

More than that, the mainstream media performs like a well trained puppy when it comes to the serious issues of our times.

They willingly play their part in setting us up once again for yet another war in the Middle East, this time against Iran. Yet we are expected to believe that our country had nothing to do with the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists; that we are spreading democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq; that Venezuela is an enemy; that urinating on the bodies of those we have killed is but a terrible misguided one-off event; and that killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians with drone attacks and depleted uranium shells and NATO bombardments is nothing but collateral damage.

As terrible as all that is, I have concluded that it is all part of a massive deception, intended to keep us distracted from the real and serious problems heading our way in 2012.

Remember, the elite have been planning for decades. They have infiltrated every government on the planet. They control the banks. The banks loan money to governments. The governments are nothing but groups of corruptible people. Those corrupt people borrow money at interest and expect us serfs to pay the interest by way of taxes. The debts keep mounting to astronomical proportions.

Banks that are “too big to fail” are bailed out at our expense, and then we are expected to bear the brunt of austerity measures to bail out the very governments that foolishly got us into debt to these privately owned banks in the first place. No wonder people everywhere are taking to the streets.

But as I see it, we are being deliberately distracted and deceived.


Because this year, this strange year of 2012, the elite know that some major events are going to occur, and they fear they will be exposed for what they are – heartless deceivers whose only concern is self-preservation, at our expense.

It is very clear to me that Nature is going on a rampage. Earthquakes are increasing.. That means we can expect major volcanic activity as well this year. And weird storms killing people everywhere

Also, if we take the time to do our own investigations, we discover that this is the year that we should expect the sun to bombard us with kill-shots from the solar storms that NOAA has warned us will destroy the electric grid. To hope it won’t happen is a very dangerous self-deception.

Yes, we have been told what to expect. But how many people are actually preparing for such an event?

Already we have learned that solar activity is affecting battlefield communications. It is quite likely that it has affected navigation systems as well.

What does all this tell us about the future?
Increasing solar storms can be expected. Their severity cannot be predicted except to say that on a scale of 1 to 10, there is every chance of some major ones, including those violent enough to knock out satellites, and disrupt military and commercial systems. This in turn raises the specter of planes suddenly finding their computerized controls going on the blink. If they’re anywhere near an airport they might be able to make an emergency landing. But what if they are hundreds of miles out to sea?

Personally, I have realized there is little I can do about the garbage the mainstream news is feeding us. There’s nothing much I can do about this year’s US elections, except cast a vote within a system that is manipulated to achieve a pre-ordained victory for yet another puppet of the elite who will more than likely declare war on Iran.

But what I can do is think for myself.

Instead of being distracted and deceived by these Roman games, I am putting my time and energy into doing everything I can to learn what a solar storm might do to my part of the world.

The most important question is, how will a solar storm or EMP affect me and my family if it knocks out the electric grid where I live and work?

What are the consequences?

Solar Storm Consequences

  • The oven won’t work. Or the freezer or refrigerator.
  • How will we cook?
  • Water will be cut off.
  • The toilet won’t flush.
  • The shower won’t run.
  • What will we drink?
  • How will we water our indoor plants – let alone the garden?
  • There’ll be no heaters and no air conditioning!
  • No lights.
  • No hot water. No washing machine or clothes dryer.
  • No supermarket.
  • No ATMs.
  • No gas to pump.
  • No banks open.
  • No money!

No work? Well that ain’t so bad. But it also means no income. No way to pay off the SUV. Or the mortgage or the rent.

In the National Geographic documentary “Electronic Armageddon” (well worth watching here on YouTube because it’ll tell you what to expect)  they said any vehicle or plane with a computer system would suddenly quit when hit by an EMP from the sun. How will I get home if my car stalls on the freeway?

Aside from all that, I need to prepare for a time when there are no cell phones. No computers. No radio. No television – ohhh that’s bad!

When it happens, I also need to expect the government to deny that any of this is caused by solar flares. Instead, they’ll probably say it was all a cyber attack from Iran or somewhere so we have to go to war – again.

Deception is Rule One when you’re a politician, or one of the elite, or a wannabe elitist.

That said, there is no room for any self-deception any more. It’s wake up and smell the roses time.

To be honest, 2012 is shaping up to be a very strange year indeed. Unlike a chess board, there are no clear divisions between black and white. There is no single strategy that will be a winner for everyone.

But if we can understand that our own survival is at stake, that we can trust nothing that we are told by those who assume to be in authority, then we can think clearly and objectively, see things as they are (or may be) and do some serious planning and prepare as best we can for whatever lies ahead.



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