Do you #PrepperTalk?

#PrepperTalk is a Twitter hash tag used to follow discussions related to disaster survival and preparedness. Lately, it has become a popular method for the disaster preparedness community to discuss topics of interest, tips, and share potentially useful information.

To join the discussion, all you need to do is tweet a comment and include “#PrepperTalk” somewhere in your tweet. People in turn can either search for it or simply click on the #PrepperTalk in someone else’s tweets.” – Tech Prepper

I use TweetDeck to stay up to date with  #PrepperTalk so if I am working away I can always flash back to the current conversations.. There is also a Daily post with the content posted that link can be found here. And more recently @SurvivorJane has started a new Forum based site

Come and join the discussion. Although you can tweet using the #PrepperTalk tag any time of the day, the hashtag is most active between 3pm and 9pm on the west coast.

[box] Note: #PrepperTalk was originally started by @SurvivorJane, author of

“Girlie girl once clueless about politics/economy/disasters Mission: share survival skills/frugal tips/prepping/our failing nation”


A special thank you to one of my favorite blogs TechPrepper for giving me the idea about posting this..



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