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Dodge One – Waiting For Another

M7.7 Hits Queen Charlottes CanadaFears of a tsunami reaching as far as Hawaii followed a M7.7 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte area of Canada last night.

As you can see in the Google Earth image at left, it happened right where two tectonic plates meet, and this junction looks very much like a zipper…which is coming undone. Slowly…but surely…and with increasing speed.

Fortunately, nothing major eventuated. This time.

And just as fortunately, the West Coast, as vulnerable as it is to earthquakes and tsunamis, has dodged yet another bullet.

Nevertheless, the bigger picture shows us once again that the Pacific Ring of Fire is becoming increasingly active.

The IRIS world map of earthquake activity at right shows just how active this region has been over the past two weeks. The red dots are just what’s been going on in the past 24 hours. The big red one is the earthquake in Canada last night.

As our Pacific Rim earthquake activity last two weeksOregon and Washington scientists have been warning for years, this area is overdue for a major ‘quake. Therefore, we should at least keep up, if not accelerate, our preparedness plans.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of people on the East Coast are preparing and bracing for the impact of Hurricane Sandy which is due to hit the New England area within 24 hours.

Sandy will rage across that region for several days bringing extremely high winds, heaps of rain, and the associated power outages, flooding, downed trees and general devastation – no doubt along with several deaths.

Obviously the mainstream media will be “on top of this story” as they like to say and they will have plenty to report on even after the storm subsides because power outages and food shortages are guaranteed to last for days if not weeks in some places.

This will also be another test for FEMA, and it’s likely to show once again that despite all the talk, emergency services are utterly inadequate when it comes to a widespread catastrophe such as we see unfolding now. Nevertheless, as we mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, some sensible people are well prepared and self sufficient.

Meanwhile, the President is planning to be at FEMA headquarters to get a briefing on  the situation before heading out to Florida on his campaign trail. One question being raised by some talk-show hosts is whether this storm and its aftermath will disrupt voting on election day – and whether the election might be called off or delayed under Executive Order.
We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

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