Earthquake strikes in Southern California, was it predicted?

(CNN) — An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 struck near Anza, California, the U.S. Geological Survey reported Monday.

The USGS had originally said the quake had a magnitude of 5.1.

Anza is inland north of San Diego and south of Los Angeles.

There were reports that the quake was felt in Los Angeles, but there were no immediate ones of damage.


I noticed this morning this post by, You decide.. but I will say that was talking about Superstom Sandy 14 days before major news outlets were.

( – The Southern California Weather Authority predicted on March 4th that an earthquake would hit along the San Jacinto Faultzone soon after. A light-moderate shaker was recorded on march 11th.

Through the SCWXA Facebook Page, an advanced weather page for Southern California, Meteorologist Kevin Martin stated that the pattern was favorable for a larger quake along the San Jacinto Faultzone soon.

This post was made on March 4th, deeming this a correct prediction.

“When I see a pattern it is similar to weather,” said Martin. “This pattern in the Inland Empire on that faultzone over the last couple of weeks suggested something was slipping in the area. This is used with other areas of interest as well to produce a heads up for my viewers on SCWXA Facebook.”

Reports are coming in as far as Eastern Los Angeles County, The Coachella Valley, San Diego County, and the High Desert. USGS downgraded the initial 5.2 to 4.7 magnitude shortly after. is on Facebook by Clicking Here

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