From The Heart, From The Sun

From The Heart

From The Sun

By Michael Knight.

September 7 2012

A customer who has become a good friend told me this morning, as I was worrying about the fact that so few people seem to care about preparing for, well, let’s just say “disaster,” that “You win people to idiocy wholesale. You win people to common sense retail.”

He said that in response to a statement I made, which was something like “from the bottom of my heart I wish more people would get away from all the idiocy on television and start looking at what’s really happening. We’ve just missed the full impact of a solar flare that started as a filament that was 186,000 miles wide. That’s 30 times bigger than the earth. And it expanded into a Coronal Mass Ejection that was many millions of miles across.”

Major filament explodes from the sun August 31 2012

I had just seen some amazing photos of this solar storm at, including a spectacular animation of it happening, as seen from some of the NASA spacecraft that are up there watching what’s going on so they can help NASA warn us about the sun’s increasing activity, and its potential to wipe out the grid.

Wipe out the grid!

“Holy Cow! Maximum Carumba! You’ve gotta be s..ittin’ me!”

“No Dude. I ain’t s..ittin’ you.”

” You gotta be! Wipe out the grid and we’re back in the steam age, if not the stone age. God almighty, it means no electric tooth brushes, no hair dryers, no water being pumped, no sewers working, no food being processed, no gas pumps, no manufacturing, no trucks running, no stores open, no cell phones or computers….get outta here…I gotta watch the game…”

Can’t anybody take this seriously?

Apparently not.

But Hell’s teeth, even the mainstream media, which specializes in trivial pursuits almost every minute of the day, has sometimes mentioned this potential.

But who cares?

Maybe we’re all overloaded with all this 2012 stuff about Mayan calendars and Planet X – two subjects that any reasonable person would be rightfully doubtful about. We can’t see smell touch or feel them, so let’s say they don’t exist, or that those who believe are just away in fantasy land. That solves that.

Filament in four spectra/wavelengths


Four images of a filament on the sun from August 31, 2012 are shown here in various wavelengths of light as captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). Starting from the upper left and going clockwise they represent light in the: 335, 171, 304 and 131 Angstrom wavelengths. CREDIT: NASA/SDO/AIA/GSFC

But why, when we can see it before our very eyes, courtesy of NASA spacecraft and real-time images, do we doubt that the sun is building toward a peak of activity, perhaps this month, next month or perhaps sometime next year? Why do we ignore its behavior of recent weeks?

Are we bamboozled by the pretty northern lights that these storms create and which look so gorgeous that we can’t possibly imagine that they are just the warning signs of things to come?

Or am I just a worry-button needlessly encouraging as many people as I can to get their heads out of the television and get their minds around the idea of being prepared to live in the dark, on cold baked beans, for months and months and months? (No wonder no-one listens if that’s your approach!!!!).

Who cares?

Not those who clamor and scream with joy when presidential candidates drop in to deliver a fantasy speech about a healthy economy and job creation. Not those who’ve led comfortable lives, albeit ruining their health in their quest for money, then spending their money to improve their health, all the while oblivious to what Nature is up to, what the sun is up to, and what the future might hold in the way of widespread devastation. They live with no eye to either the present or the future, and as the Dalai Lama has said, they live as if they’re never going to die, and they die without having lived at all.

Let’s face it, as heartfelt as all this might be to me, for most folks such imaginings are too uncomfortable to deal with. For the wholesale ones, it’s a case of let’s turn on the telly and turn off the mind. Let someone else worry about the future. Let’s ignore the warning shots from the sun. Let’s be ignorant and stupid and happy little couch potatoes. Let’s leave those idiot preppers to their silly preoccupation with being prepared to weather the storm – whatever it is and whatever its cause.

As Tom said, “You win people to idiocy wholesale (they’re available in bulk – there is bulk idiocy out there); “You win people to common sense retail” (like, just as you sell things one item at a time, wisdom and common sense only come to people one person at a time).

But why should common sense, logic, reason and today’s evidence from the sun be such a hard sell?

And why should I care?

Because I do. Because I do. Because I do.

And you should too…..

About the author:- Michael Knight is a retired international journalist, and currently owner of an emergency supplies store, The Portland Preparedness Center in Portland Oregon.

7202 NE Glisan St

Cnr 72nd and Glisan

Open Mon – Sat 10 – 6

Ph 503 252 2525

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