Getting Prepared Means What?

It means buying a raincoat before it rains.

Packing your suitcase before a trip.

Buying bacon before you cook it.

Studying to pass a test.

Buying gas before you run out.

Taking out insurance on your new car – or your house – or your life.

Getting prepared means all of the above, and everyone does those things without a second thought.

So what’s the big deal about being a “prepper?”

“Preppers” are people who have the good sense to have more than a few days food in the fridge.

In fact, “Preppers” are probably the most sensible people around, because they know no-one should be relied on to come and help them when the power goes out – and for who knows how long?

The Portland Preparedness Center is here for those people.

We’re here for you (Sounds like a cliche, but it happens to be true).

We have what you need for short or longterm storage. Everything from food to water barrels to water filters, and books and 72-hr kits and rocket stoves and freeze dried foods and medical kits – and even underground shelters if that takes your fancy.

Preparedness means making sure you’re really hungry before you start eating the elephant….NOT!

It means getting prepared one bite at a time, but you just keep at it.

Michael Knight

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