Heads Up Thoughts And A “Possible” Bank Holiday And Account Access Restrictions

I like the term “heads up!”

It invites people to be alert instead of being an ostrich (the head-in-the-sand bird that gets caught by surprise).

So here’s a couple of heads ups.

In New Zealand, where two earthquakes hit the biggest city (Auckland) within five minutes of each other last week, people have been snapping up emergency kits by the hundreds, with some suppliers reporting a 300 per cent increase in sales.

New Zealanders (Kiwis) must be a lot more aware of earthquake potentials than we find around here, because one retailer there sells up to 5000 kits a month. We might sell 10 – yet the greater Portland area has just as big a population as Auckland!

And, worse still, Portland sits on fault lines adjacent to the Cascadia subduction zone, and almost everyone here has heard that a M9.0 or greater earthquake is long overdue!

Oregon scientists have done an amazing job of putting together all the information anyone could need about how the subduction zone works and what the potential casualties could be when it finally slips. And my co-host on the Wise Prepper Show, Joshua Patterson, has done a great job of assembling much of that info on our Wise Prepper Show page where we also have the show archives.

Being a Kiwi myself, I’m one of those laid back sort of people who says “she’ll be right” whenever something goes wrong…but as laid back as the folks in Oregon? Aside from you (since you’re a Wise Prepper subscriber) I fear that the Ostrich Syndrome is alive and well around here.

But that’s not a criticism. It’s more like a heartfelt expression of concern because our genuine desire is to help as many people as possible to be prepared for any emergency.

In fact, that’s why we started the show, because we just have to let more people know that we’re here, and we’re the only store of its kind where you can get what you need to look after your family after any emergency happens.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest…and before we get to the bank thing….

The “Wise Prepper Show” on KXL 101.1FM is becoming really popular. It was only our second show last Saturday night, but we got more calls than we could handle, so maybe I’m wrong about Portlanders being more asleep than Kiwis:-)

We focused on how essential it is to have enough water available in an emergency, and to have a decent filter as well.

The recommended minimum per person is one gallon per day. But we stress that that is a MINIMUM – and it got me to thinking about the fact that officialdom (FEMA and other emergency management departments) say you should have at least a 72-hour supply of emergency essentials, such as food and water.

Well, that’s a good start


Are those emergency services going to be at your place exactly 72 hours after a storm or earthquake cuts off your power and water and sewer pipes?

Or will they and any available volunteers be struggling just to dig the most unfortunate victims out of collapsed buildings throughout the city?

And given that the city is now planning to cut back the overtime budget for police and firefighters, how long will it be before they start laying them off without even considering how essential these people are when a natural disaster happens?

What does that mean when it comes to a serious city-wide or state-wide emergency? 

Please think about it.

Make a plan.

Don’t be caught flat footed and unprepared. Every little thing you do to make a plan and make it happen pays off in many ways. First of all, peace of mind. And believe it or not, spending what you can afford on emergency supplies is a lot better than money in a collapsed bank.

Speaking of which, although there’s no way to verify it, we saw a notice from another well-respected blog that a bank manager had called their editor to say the banks have been instructed to go on shorter hours (four days a week) and limit withdrawals from all accounts, starting in about 60 days.

And from Cyprus, where the government wants to rob people’s savings to pay off some of their billions in debt, a grandmother who was laughed at for withdrawing her money on Fridays and depositing it again on Mondays has had the last laugh.

Her grandson, an economist in Russia, had warned her that “bank holidays” always start unexpectedly over the weekend. So she had cash in her hand while others were left penniless when Cyprus closed its banks.

And that’s today’s Heads Ups.

Best wishes.
Michael Knight
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