Skagit River Bridge, I5, Washington, collapses north of Seattle Thursday May 23 2013

I5 Skagit River Bridge WA Collapses

A bridge on Interstate 5 has collapsed into the Skagit River north of Seattle, sending cars and people into the river, the Washington State Patrol reports.

Both the north and southbound lanes of the freeway collapsed.

The Seattle Times reports the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office says three people have been rescued. Divers are on the scene.

Trooper Mark Francis said the bridge collapsed about 7 p.m.

Helicopter footage aired by KOMO-TV in Seattle showed several rescue boats at the bridge collapse scene with several ambulances waiting on the shore. One rescue boat left the scene with one person strapped into a stretcher.

A damaged red car and a damaged pickup truck were visible in the water, which appeared so shallow it barely reached the top of the car’s hood.

(No deaths reported at this time.ย  Many Washington bridges received a C- rating in a recent survey, nor can we say this collapse is attributable to the “Expanding Earth” theory.







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