Join Our National Ground Zero Show, Q&A Session Canceled

Store Event Cancelled – But You Have A Great Alternative

I have been invited as a guest on Clyde Lewis’s new national radio program, Ground Zero, for five hours from 7 to midnight PST this Thursday. Ground Zero now precedes Coast to Coast on over 100 stations around the country, and you can call in toll-free with any questions you might have.

For starters, fellow guest will be James Gilliland from the ECETI sanctuary at Trout Lake near Mt Adams across the river in Washington.Clyde and I spent this past weekend there and Clyde decided to invite both of us on to his show as guests this week.

ECETI stands for “Enlightened Contact With Extraterrestrail Intelligence.”

But wait. There’s more. James and his life story, including a Near Death Expeience (quite fascintaing in itself) is the subject of a documentary I directed and which has just been released in a 60-minutes version.

DVD Contact Has Begun It is called “Contact Has Begun,” and includes James talking about predicted 2012 events, earth changes and major solar activity.  He’ll no doubt be talking about them again this Thurasday, as well as answering questions.

Clyde has a new web site associated with his national program. It is He will be stocking a lot of preparedness items there, as well as the DVD….but you can also buy it at our store, or from our website too.

While a lot of movies dwell on the idea (which some people think is just fiction) that aliens are on their way here to take over the planet. James has a completely different story to tell…but you’ll have to watch the video to learn all about that.

My main focus during the evening on Ground Zero will first of all be to answer questions about the documentary, but more importantly to talk about and answer callers’ questions about preparing for what’s coming at us like an express train….solar flares (that can be devastating), drought (that can be devastating) and superstorms (that will be….).

So, while we’ve had to cancel the in-store Q&A evening, you’ll be able to call the Ground Zero show anytime between 7 and midnight this Thursday and we’ll answer your questions on air as best we can.

You can also hear Ground Zero on the internet at and just click the “Listen Live” button any time from 7 p.m. Pacific.

There’s also a toll-free call-in number so you can call from anywhere in the States…Clyde gives out those numbers quite often.

Best wishes.

Michael Knight
The Portland Preparedness Center
7202 NE Glisan St
Open Mon – Sat 10 – 6
(Closed Holiday Weekends).

Ph 503 252 2525

PS – Check out our newly-designed Internet Store Front….some of Josh Patterson’s best work yet.

PPS:- There’s only one in our warehouse at present, but the Family One-Year Unit (featured on our web site’s front page) is an absolute bargain right now, because we can absolutely guarantee that the next shipment will cost as much as 25% more, just because of the drought that is crippling up to 60 per cent of the wheat and corn fields across the country. Unfortunately, we can NOT hold down prices for incoming products. In fact, we’re not sure that we’ll be able to get anything like this again in the future, since we’ve already been told that some of our orders will be weeks if not months away from being filled…if they can be,.
Act Now. Buy Now. Be Prepared ….

Anteros Oberon
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