Just In – NK Authorizes US Nuke Strikes

We discussed North Korea’s nuclear threats in our latest Wise Prepper Show – listen to the podcast here. 
And those threats are certainly being taken seriously.
In the past hour (approximately 2pm PST) we learned that

North Korea has)  dramatically escalated its warlike rhetoric, warning that it had authorized plans for nuclear strikes on targets in the United States.

“The moment of explosion is approaching fast,” the North Korean military said, warning that war could break out “today or tomorrow”.

‘Space launch vehicle’ could kill electric grid, devastate nation

WASHINGTON – U.S. officials quietly are expressing concern that North Korea could use its “space launch vehicle” to explode a high-altitude nuclear device over the United States, creating an electromagnetic pulse that would destroy major portions of the U.S. electrical grid system as well as the nation’s critical infrastructures.

In other nuclear news….Geiger Counter

Hanford Horror

Tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, which sits on the Columbia River in Benton County, Washington face dangerous risk of hydrogen build up which could trigger an explosion of radioactive materials, a nuclear safety board announced on Monday.

“Earlier this year, investigators found six single-shelled underground storage tanks leaking up to1,000 gallons of radioactive sludge each year—a situation that noted theoretical physicist Michio Kaku called a “ticking time bomb.”  (Do you need a Geiger Counter – before stocks run out? –We Have Them Here)

Fukushima Fallout

“…..fallout disseminated worldwide from the meltdowns in four reactors at the Fukushima-Dai-ichi plant in Japan beginning March 11, 2011 included radioiodine Ultimate Undergroiund Shelterisotopes. Just days after the meltdowns, I-131 concentrations in US precipitation was measured up to 211 times above normal. Highest levels of I-131 and airborne gross beta were documented in the five US States on the Pacific Ocean. The number of congenital hypothyroid cases in these five states from March 17-December 31, 2011 was 16% greater than for the same period in 2010, compared to a 3% decline in 36 other US States (p < 0.03)

Perhaps it’s time to check out The Ultimate Underground Shelter, with its optional nuclear/biological/chemical filter system starting at $15,000 for the DIY unit.  Video here. 

We also have Survivadine (improves health of thyroid and can be used in the event of a nuclear situation, as well as Potassium Iodate tablets – while supplies last. (We had a big rush on these items after the nuclear plant disaster in Japan).

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Best wishes.
Michael Knight
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