Latest Newsletter & 19 Things That The Talking Heads On Television Are Being Strangely Silent About

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#1 Strange Things Happening On The Sun
#2 Fukushima
#3 Mount Fuji In Japan About To Erupt?
#4 Stunning Rise In Volcanic Activity Around The World
#5 Global Food Prices Rising Again
#6 U.S. Government Debt Downgraded Again
#7 500 Million Dollars To Help The IRS Implement Obamacare
#8 Go To Jail If You Offend Someone On The Internet In Arizona?
#9 Passport Suspended For Not Paying Taxes
#10 Preparations For War In The Persian Gulf
#11 Mysterious Mass Deaths
#12 The Federal Reserve Monetizing U.S. Debt
#13 Giant Sinkholes
#14 Increase In Global Earthquakes
#15 Increase In U.S. Earthquakes
#16 Evacuation Drills At U.S. Public Schools
#17 Strange Sounds In The Sky
#18 Crazy Tornado Outbreaks
#19 Obama Signs Disturbing Executive Order
Sound anything like one of Michael Knights newsletters? Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis Has recently talked about almost all of these..

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On to our most recent newsletter from Michael knight

Too Close For Comfort

Earthquakes Ignored By Mainstream

Updated April 12, 2012 09:24:32

Have you noticed how the mainstream media has all but ignored a series of big earthquakes that happened over the last couple of days – and in fact made little or no mention of one that occurred off the coast of Oregon?

It was a M5.9 on the Cascadia Subduction Zone fault line. But because it was well off the coast and didn’t do any damage, it didn’t make the news in Oregon. It should have, because it was one of a flurry of earthquakes on the Ring of Fire  over a period of 48 hours.
Ring Of Fire as at April 12 2012
If you see the Ring of Fire as being like a bow, then we in Oregon and Washington are at the center – so it seems reasonable to assume that the pressure on the Cascadian Subduction zone is continuing to build up. But when it will be released could be anybody’s guess – even though it is inevitable, and we can be sure it will happen at the most unexpected moment.

There was an 8.6 and an 8.2 off Sumatra within hours of each other on Tuesday – and a few hours later, a 6.5 in Mexico.
And today, ABC is reporting that…..

“A strong earthquake has hit Mexico, shaking buildings and sending people running out of offices onto the streets of the capital.

“The US Geological Survey said the magnitude 7.0 quake was centred off Mexico’s Pacific coast.

“It struck at a depth of 65 kilometres and was 26 kilometres west-south-west from Arteaga.

“”Mexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrard said on his Twitter account there were no initial signs of serious damage and that key services in the capital, including its subway system and the international airport, were functioning.

“It is the third major quake to hit Mexico in less than a month. A magnitude 7.4 quake struck on March 20, damaging hundreds of buildings in the south-west.

“Just moments earlier, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck off the coast of Oregon in the north-west United States.

“It was followed a minute later by a smaller quake off the coast of central California, the US Geological Survey said.”

If you’d like to do your own ‘quake research, this link is a good starting place for finding sites that update their earthquake data almost as they happen.

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