Lesson From Boston – Lemmings At Large

27122_459857164094394_1772334424_nAre We Alarmist?

Yes We Are – With Very Good Reason

The generally accepted definition of “alarmist” is that such people spread unfounded but frightening ideas as if Doomsday is upon us.

Well, that is NOT what we’re about.

Rather, we have been
conscientiously and deliberately researching and uncovering disturbing facts and trends in a wide range of subjects, all of which have the potential to disrupt our lives in very serious ways.

And that’s what subscribers pay for – because although some of these issues are alluded to in the mainstream media, it is clear to us that the the mainstream does more covering up than uncovering. They are the leaders of the lemmings.

“Lemmings?” you ask.
Yes. Lemmings. Like the people in Boston who waved flags and cheered the military and swat teams and cops once they were allowed out of their houses. A natural response, but it says too much about the present mindset compared to the way our forefathers perceived the military in their midst.

Step back a couple of hundred years or so, and the people of Boston were a totally different breed.

Back then, most of them were fed up with the British military walking into their houses, without warrants, on behalf of a government (the British one at the time) that saw them as nothing but slave units who had to pay taxes so the elite could live high off the hog and amass fortunes while they carried on their agenda of global imperialism. Sound familiar?

The fact is that when we started this newsletter several years ago, we saw this coming. We saw the United States turning into everything the Founding Fathers did NOT fight and die for. And it is now happening before our eyes.

And the lemmings laugh and cheer.


We have also said from Day One that the Mainstream Media is for the most part nothing more than a propaganda machine – propping up draconian government policies by accepting without question whatever they are told; by spinning lies and presenting them as truth; by insinuation and the use of that spurious concept called “the court of public opinion,” they have been MAKERS of public opinion.

To be a little kinder, in breaking stories such as this they must rely on what they are told by officials – and those officials are adept at spin-doctoring themselves. However, for over a decade the media has failed to openly investigate the truth of 911 and refuses to dig into other criminal activities such as the Sandy Hook massacre. Or the fact that the US government is now arming Al Qaida operatives in the manufactured war in Syria. In reality, we have brainwashing on an international scale.

Part of that brainwashing was the media’s focus on people cheering and waving flags after the lock- down of an entire city was finally over. The lemmings keep eating the same storyline falsehoods time after time. Government is Good!

But was there not just one person, or perhaps an equal number of people, who were incensed that their mayor and state governor literally put them under house arrest (call it what you will), refused to let them go to work (no compensation of course) and then deployed over 4000 cops and troops to do house to house searches (“Open the door. We’re pointing an assault rifle at you. Let us in [or we’ll break it down]. It’s for your own safety.”)?

All that, for just two suspects.

If you followed that unfolding drama as we did, using the resources of the alternative media rather than the predictable coverage of the mainstream mouthpieces, you would surely have come up with many questions – to which the mainstream, and the officials involved will never give you answers.

As in tragedies which have gone before, the official narrative is full of discrepancies. It’s as if someone was using a pre-planned script that is intended to present the way this was handled as the absolute best option available – when in reality, this was undoubtedly a pre-planned exercise and the bombing was the opportunity they’d been waiting for.

We will forever question whether the suspects they killed and arrested were indeed the actual perpetrators of the bombing. After the event. the media spin is that these two men were disaffected immigrants from the Islamist country of Chechnya, a former Soviet colony before the demise of the Soviet Union. It is being implied that they were members of a “previously unknown group,” which of course gets the lemmings to instantly believe they were radicals being trained to do what they did.

American lemmings being conditioned racists at heart, the majority will buy this innuendo and be glad they’re dead. They’ll never believe the mother and the aunt who said that the FBI knew all about them, and that they were framed.

The discrepancies in the official story will be glossed over, if not outright ignored.

The media will say that an MIT cop was “executed” when in reality he was killed in the line of duty. They tell us that the suspects robbed a 7-11, then hijacked a vehicle and got involved in a firefight with the cops and military.

They said on the night that the suspects were armed with rifles and grenades and another pressure cooker bomb which the older brother threw towards the cops before he charged them and was gunned down. (Eyewitness pictures and account here). They say his younger brother then backed over the body and raced away in an SUV.

The story changed after the event when we were told the older brother ran out of ammunition, and a heroic cop ran at him and dropped him to the ground.

There is always some truth within the spin, but which version do we believe when we discover that, to their credit, at least one MSM source did quote a doctor who examined the body of the dead man and said there was no indication that he had been run over at all. (Gruesome picture here – be warned).

But that fact has not stopped the governor from saying on 60 minutes that the man was run over by his brother. Nor has it prompted any interviewer that we know of to ask what happened to a man the cops arrested after telling him to strip naked? It was assumed at the time by the reporters on the scene that that man was one of the suspects. This has since been denied by official sources. It may be true.

Other discrepancies. The MSM – both radio and television – used pictures and sound effects of explosions in the distance as they reported the final moments in the arrest of the younger brother. He had been found hiding in a covered boat in a back yard, and the impression, in that report, was that he put up a fight and had to be shot at.

But on CBS morning news, we have a picture of him sitting on the gunwale of the boat, head down, totally submissive, and we’re told he was wounded from the previous night and was giving up.

Look closely at that picture and you see no evidence of a throat wound, or blood running down his neck. Why is that important? Because once he was admitted to hospital, we were told he had been shot in the throat and the bullet had damaged his tongue so he could not communicate with his interrogators. The implication was that he had tried to commit suicide.

No mention of the captured audio of cops radioing each other at the actual time of the arrest, discussing whether or not they should “light it up.” What does that mean? Either that they would use a “flash bang” grenade to stun the suspect – or that they should light it up and burn him to death….

Somehow, a thermal imaging video has made it on to YouTube, and you can see at least two flashbang grenades exploding right alongside the suspect lying inside the boat. If you’re a shooter, you’ll understand that those flash bangs were deliberately aimed at the suspect. And that may be where he got the wound that damaged his tongue.

The crowd that cheered like ball game fans as he was taken away in an ambulance (video here) will likely remain convinced that they were saved by 4000 cops and troops and private contractors – regardless of the fact that those very people were at the marathon finish line as part of an exercise that (we suppose) was designed to prevent exactly what happened. It didn’t.

So once again we have seen what government does best. It is best at using overpowering force on its own people. It is really good at destroying evidence too. Or losing it. Or killing it. For example, have you seen any footage of a bullet-riddled SUV that was supposedly used by the younger brother to escape the firefight after his older brother was killed?

Have you heard anyone identify the man who was arrested naked?

Have we seen any evidence at all that these two really did drop the backpack bomb as the FBI claims while refusing to offer any footage from any security camera which they say caught them in the act?

pick1The FBI has released a still frame showing the white-hatted suspect in a crowd, saying this is the moment he dropped his backpack bomb.

However, that very picture, and many others, were flying around the internet within hours of the bomb exploding. People on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube were taking cell phone images and identifying Navy Seals and private contractors dressed in their “Craft” uniforms, carrying backpacks and so on. The “court of public opinion” – also known as “independent journalism” was in full swing.

And at some point, the consensus of that opinion seemed to be that the two who eventually became the FBI’s chosen suspects were indeed the ones who committed the atrocity. No proof – just lots of suspicion. No real evidence – just assumptions.

So here’s a hindsight question. Did the FBI itself, which we learned later had already had previous contact with the two brothers, actually upload some of those images, including the one of the brother in the white hat which they would later say was the moment he dropped his backpack bomb? Did they then wait till the Internet “sleuths” had reached some sort of consensus, and then chose to tell us these men were indeed the ones who did it?

Just as we have seen no evidence that Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals, we see nothing definitive to show that these two young men perpetrated this Boston atrocity. However, we might consider this comment that appeared on the Internet:- “The older brother said on his twitter that “obama orders bombings all the time” so u get my drift. We just need 2 mind our own business as a country…”

Which is not to say they did not do it. It is only to question the official version of what went down. Another question. How was it that Boston was able to mobilize 4000 cops and military, along with

exotic communications vehicles and armored cars in just a matter of hours?

Perhaps it was because they were already in the city to offer security at the Boston marathon. But if that was the case, they failed miserably in that regard.

The armored presence in Boston. What’s the top right picture about?
The armored presence in Boston. What’s the top right picture about?

OR – if this was yet another false flag event, as many people now suspect – were they there so the government could practice confining citizens to their own houses, gauge the reaction, then refine the process and use it in other cities in the future?

If that were the case, they

Picture from Boston Manhunt - CBS
Picture from Boston Manhunt – CB

must certainly be thrilled at
the way the lemmings rolled
over. They may have failed to
protect, but when it comes to
gauging public reaction to
enforced lock-down, they succeeded admirably. The lemmings loved it.

But here’s the most important question of all.

Are You Now Afraid?

If so, THAT was the object of the exercise.

Bostonians may welcome the attention of modern-day storm troopers, but just maybe there’s still a hint of that original American spirit of independence and the desire for freedom from tyranny in a very small town on the shores of Lake Huron.

Picture from Boston Bombing Manhunt – CBS

There, the editor of the Tawas newspaper has this to say.

Editor,   Has America become the land of special interest and home of the double standard?  Lets see: if we lie to the Congress, it's a felony and if the Congress lies to us its just politics; if we dislike a black person, we're racist and if a black person dislikes whites, its their 1st Amendment right; the government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and they do almost nothing for the victims; in public schools you can teach that homosexuality is OK, but you better not use the word God in the process; you can kill an unborn child, but it is wrong to execute a mass murderer; we don't burn books in America, we now rewrite them; we got rid of communist and socialist threats by renaming them progressive; we are unable to close our border with Mexico, but have no problem protecting the 38th parallel in Korea; if you protest against President Obama's policies you're a terrorist, but if you burned an American flag or George Bush in effigy it was your 1st Amendment right.   You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas; we have eliminated all criminals in America, they are now called sick people; we can use a human fetus for medical research, but it is wrong to use an animal.   We take money from those who work hard for it and give it to those who don't want to work; we all support the Constitution, but only when it supports our political ideology; we still have freedom of speech, but only if we are being politically correct; parenting has been replaced with Ritalin and video games; the land of opportunity is now the land of hand outs; the similarity between Hurricane Katrina and the gulf oil spill is that neither president did anything to help.   And how do we handle a major crisis today? The government appoints a committee to determine who's at fault, then threatens them, passes a law, raises our taxes; tells us the problem is solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign.  What has happened to the land of the free and home of the brave?   - Ken Huber  Tawas City

Ken Huber is not alone. Others wonder what has become of America, and what it is becoming.

Are the few solid talk-show hosts, such as Clyde Lewis and his national “Ground Zero” nightly broadcast the only ones who have the cojones to say openly we are now living in a police state? (He’s on air Monday to Friday nights on KXL 101.1FM in Portland Oregon, and you can listen between 7 and midnight PST on the internet at www.kxl.com). Alex Jones’ infowars.com is another.

guyDr Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, constantly questions US imperialism and says that if you question the government, “Homeland Security will make short work of you just like they did to those Russian Muslim terrorists in Boston who tried to blow up the Marathon race.”

Glenn Beck, who talks openly about a false flag scenario, also has considerable coverage on his web site, including a statement at a press conference by New York Mayor Bloomberg saying ““The people who are worried about privacy have a legitimate worry, but we live in a complex world where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will….and our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.”

Bloomberg is calling for even more surveillance cameras. Drones included no doubt. And that’s very predictable, especially if you understand the New World Order advocates and their agenda.

Total surveillance leads to total control.
But as they say in Boston. “YAYYY!”

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michael knight 2Michael Knight is an independent writer who began an international career in all media in 1960. He now owns The Portland Preparedness Center in Portland Oregon. twitter: @JournoMichael

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