Monster Comet – Monster Mash

500 Kilometer Crater If Comet Hits Mars

And What’s Become Of Planet X?

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Tonight Michael Knight will be a guest on Clyde Lewis’ national talk show, Ground Zero.
And between them they’ll once again be going where the mainstream media fears to tread.

Now that Russia is recovering from that asteroid strike, we find that there’s a HUGE comet out there that is likely to hit Mars at something like 56km a second.ASrtist imprewssion comet heading for Mars

That would create a crater about 500 kilometers in diameter.

So we’ll be talking about that this evening, because it looks as if there’s something fishy about what we’re being told.

Fishy in the sense that we’re being told “not to worry” and we’re notbeing told with any certainty just how many of these monster asteroids and comets are out there.

This one was only discovered a few weeks ago, and initially it was said that it would crash into Mars next year.

But now….we’re told it’s going to miss Mars.


So who do you believe?

Let’s get into all that tonight on Ground Zero.

PLUS, we want to catch up as best we can on what might have happened to
“Planet X.”

Is it still out there?

Is it in part responsible for pushing all these asteroids and comets in our direction?

Did we misread the Mayan Calendar – was it off by a year – and are we yet to experience major earth shattering events?

Drop in and listen to Ground Zero tonight starting at 7pm Pacific. You can get it here  On the Internet

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