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Our Statement, Regarding use of our streams or anyone’s streams by law enforcement.

Our Statement, Regarding the use of our streams or anyone’s streams by law enforcement. 

Today we were contacted by media outlets for a comment regarding the use of footage from the stream on our youtube by law enforcement. 

This is our statement in reply. We have omitted source questions, as well as to whom we are replying for the moment, so as to allow them time to complete and publish their story. 

We are an independent media outlet for independent journalists. The journalists who we broadcast retain full rights to their media as their intellectual property, we share streams under fair use. Streamers are always welcome to opt-out, and we will honor that opt-out, despite fair use. https://portlandindependent.news/copyright/  

That being said, we also, broadcast on the ground ourselves as independent journalists. 

We are concerned about this shift of tactics by the federal government and by and our local governments as a continued assault on the free and independent press. We (our team) have been shot at and exposed to CS GAS and other aerosol munitions.

Other local journalists whom we know and stream have been arrested, for doing none other than reporting real news a right they are afforded under the United States Constitution. 

Though we recognize we have no legal authority to demand that the federal government cease to use ours, or anyone else’s feeds such as woke.net or SPN in investigations and we recognize that the content, is in the public space. We DO denounce the practice by law enforcement and call upon them to adjust their standards and practices in such a way as to not endanger journalists and citizens exercising their constitutionally protected rights around the nation. We also join the voices of our state and local leaders and fellow citizens to demand the DHS officers under the authority of Donald J Trump leave our city and hope that our local leaders will work more directly with the protestors to find common ground. 

This has been our reply. With that said, we continue to encourage peaceful protestors to use caution when practicing your first amendment rights. 

Review guides such as the KNOW YOUR RIGHTS ACLU Website at https://www.aclu.org/know-your-rights/protesters-rights/and the amnestyusa.orgSaftey during protest” Guide https://www.amnestyusa.org/pdfs/SafeyDuringProtest_F.pdf as well as other online resources. 

I cannot remember a time in my life when I have felt our democracy and the American experiment has been more in danger than it is today. 

We have also gotten messages from those who feel the media, and live streamers put others at risk during protest. Those feelings are valid. 

In my own view, to be quite honest I fear the moments when we are off-line, when streamers are not showing what is happening. We have seen time and time again, that as soon as our feeds go down, the protestors face fresh assaults from law enforcement. 

There are other considerations to take into account for those journalists who are streaming and arrested during their stream. Take the case of Pink. We were broadcasting their stream during their arrest, and they were compelled to provide their password to law enforcement while in custody, law enforcement deleted their stream data. However, they could not delete the copy which we retained. 

These are scary times we live in, to be honest, I think they would be much more terrifying without the watchful eyes of the independent media and the independent journalists who are tirelessly and often without any compensation at all, pursuing their passions to share the real unfiltered news, with everyone. 

Lastly, I think it was incredibly lazy for the investigators to source our feed, rather than the original author and intellectual property owner on their court filings. We are already aware they watch everyone’s stream intently. Next time credit the content creator, we do.

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