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Tear gas in a pandemic, why protestors are putting themselves at risk.

In an article from the Atlantic Being teargassed during a pandemic, as so many have been this past week in the United States, is a different experience. Tear gas is a major irritant to one’s throat, nose, and lungs, the very places the coronavirus attaches to in order to start its silent invasion. The U.S. Army found that recruits who

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Professional anarchist? Tell me more…

(Did not write this myself) Trump and Barr keep talking about “professional anarchists.” Given that so many are seeking work these days, I have a few relevant questions. • How’s the pay? Decent benefits? • Is there a formal professional anarchist certification board? How do they ensure that only truly qualified anarchists are hired? Is there a mechanism for disbarring

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Seattle Child maced by police in george ford protests

ANTIFA is a belief, not an organization.

Antifa is a belief, not an organization A couple of days ago, I posted a link to a high school newspaper where a child, educated others, on questioning authority. The need to question authority has never been greater, and the need to teach our children to do so has never been stronger. Today, the President of the united states has

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Photo of the Oregon Coast

Oregon Tsunami Worries – Less High Ground

New maps show there’s less high ground than previously thought for refuge from the most serious earthquake and tsunami projected along Oregon’s northwest coast, leaving city officials unsettled. Oregon geology experts have compiled the maps using laser-based remote sensing technology and have been showing them to city officials at council meetings. They are to be released publicly this week, The

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