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snowfallCurrent late winter storms across much of the US bode ill for the future in terms of flooding and planting crops.

Colorado, Wyoming and far western Nebraska are still being hammered by snow storms – and they’re expected to continue through most of this week, causing major travel disruptions and dangerous driving conditions.

Portland Band Truckstop Darlin’ Tweeted about the snow as they arrived in Denver

“If you must travel, be sure to have a winter weather survival kit with you in your vehicle.

“This kit should include a flashlight, blankets, hand warmers, food and water, flares and a snow shovel.

“This will be a long-duration storm with snow of varying intensity that will not come to an end until Wednesday night and Thursday.”

“If you do become stranded in a stalled vehicle, and if you must run the engine and heater to keep warm, be absolutely CERTAIN that you keep the exhaust pipe clear of snow. People have died by not doing this because killer gas builds up inside the vehicle.”

Thunder And Tornadoes

stormsWhat could be one of the worst outbreaks of thunderstorms and tornadoes is expected to hit cities including Dallas, Wichita Falls, and Abilene in Texas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Norman in Oklahoma, Wichita, Chanute, and Lawrence in Kansas, and Kansas City, Joplin, and Springfield, Mo., through this week.

Tornadoes spawned by rotating thunderstorms are expected to be the biggest threat, along with the possibility of extremely large hail, perhaps up to the size of baseballs.

“Hail of this size can kill people and animals and cause extreme property damage.” “Thunderstorms will be ongoing Thursday morning from eastern Oklahoma through central Texas

before spreading into the lower Mississippi River Valley Thursday afternoon and evening.”
Torrential downpours are expected and the Mississippi River at St Louis could rise above flood stage as

these storms and their aftermath continue into next week. (Source –

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