Q&A. Why do we NOT sell Shelf Reliance products?

Q. Why do we NOT sell Shelf Reliance products..

A. The primary answer is Shelf Reliance has a contract that forbids anyone who sells their products from offering other brands of food storage foods, shelving equipment and survival equipment.. They do not offer wholesale products to retail businesses.

Though I do like some of the Shelf Reliance ( Thrive ) brand products, Many of our customers have has long relationships with Mountain House ( A local company ), Alpine Aire and Walton feed.

I have personally inquired a few times about offering their product in our store. They still forbid that we sell other brands.

We feel that is in our customers best interest to have options instead of being forced to purchase one brand of product when they are shopping at our store..

They good news is that if you Still want to purchase Shelf Reliance products you can do that on your own by visiting their website at http://www.shelfreliance.com/

-Joshua Patterson

Operations Manager


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