Recap and Replay of events from July 14th-15th-2020

Replay and recap of day 47 of Portland Protests 

Day 47 (7/14/20202) started out with a March organized by Rose City Justice which started at revolution hall. In coordination with Portland Protest Bureau, the march moved from Revolution Hall to Pioneer Courthouse Square, and the split with some of the group going with Portland Protest Bureau to the Justice Center, and some returning to Revolution Hall with the Rose City Justice group. 

Our stream followed the group going to the Justice Center. 

We also learned of Activist Jacob Nazir who was with Donavan LaBella, 26, who was shot in the head on July 12th has Chained themselves to a parking meter in protest, to grieve for their friend in the face of those who shot him. 

For the next several hour’s things remained peaceful, there was a reported arrest by Federal officers but we have yet to see additional documentation of the arrest. 

Notable is the presence of activists who are visiting from Seattle to both documents and support the ongoing protests in Portland. 

Throughout the night people were “disappeared” in tactical arrests made by federal officers.


Late into the night, Federal Police came out to unload on the small number of protestors who were still present in the park.


A tweet by @portlandpolice gives their view of the nights events.


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Here is our stream videos from July 14th-15th 2020


There was a break in the video, as we thought the night was for the most part over.


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