Stand By For The Train Wreck

overloaded_train_on_bridge_india_delhiThis is not a train in Spain.

It’s a posed picture from India.
But it serves well as a metaphor for what’s happening in Europe.
Either by accident, or through design, the European economy is a train wreck in slow motion.
For months now we’ve been told by the mainstream media that bailouts and austerity measures are the only way to “save” countries like Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain, not to mention the entire European Union from economic collapse. And yet the collapse continues. And the mainstream media continues to totally miss the point – the point being that those who have kept the wheels of commerce turning – the average men and women who have spent their lives working and paying taxes to repay the loans their governments have taken out, are finally realizing that they have been ripped off.

Brainwashed as they are into believing that the repayment of debt absolutely requires those taxpayers to shoulder the burden of ever more draconian austerity measures, the pundits of traditional finance can apparently see no further than the green and red arrows that tell them the stock markets of the world are either going up, or down. They seem to be incapable of understanding that those very stock markets are the casinos of the wealthy, who are constantly being manipulated by the very wealthy and above them, the super-wealthy.

The man in the street, the people on the train, those who have kept the wheels of commerce turning are apparently irrelevant to those who play in and report on the gains and losses in those casinos.

But let’s pause for a moment. Why are various countries in Europe, and the US as well, currently trillions of euros or dollars in debt? Is it because of political incompetence? Or has it been planned that way so everything will collapse like a train running off a broken bridge into a bottomless chasm and the passengers will scream for someone to save them. And someone will. That someone being a New World Bank, a New World Currency, and a New World Order.

That’s one scenario.

But it’s not the one we expect to play out to finality.

What we see is a different future, and it is in the birthing process right now. Which means the labor pains are severe, and they’re showing up on the streets of Spain.

The Associated Press (a lackey of the New World Order proponents) might report that “Europe is on the brink again, saying that “The crisis over too much debt in the 17 countries that use the euro flared dangerously on Monday.” and go on to bemoan the fact that “stocks slid continent-wide” while hundreds of billions of euros are somewhere in the melting pot.

Nowhere will you find a hundred billion euros in any physical form whatsoever. Nor will you ever see one trillion US dollar notes, any more than you’ll ever see any gold in Fort Knox. There isn’t any.

All we have is a global fantasy that money, in any form, is what keeps the train wheels turning, whereas in reality, money is now an invisible commodity that we have been mind-controlled into believing is the root of all good, and without it, all things will be bad. Very bad. Therefore, we, as in, we the people who work to make a living and on average give away at least 40 percent of our income in taxes of one sort or another, must now bail out the governments that got us in debt over our heads in the first place, while they in turn bail out the big banks, including those involved in laundering drug money and other criminal activities.

Now, contrast that with what’s going on in Spain right now.

A million people there have taken to the streets in vocal and sometimes violent opposition to everything their government is doing to force them into poverty. Those people know for a fact, deep in their gut, that they are not the ones who are responsible for the crisis in the Eurozone. They may not understand anything about the decades-long drive by those pulling the strings to impose this New World Order of total control of every human being and all the world’s resources.

But they do understand that it is time to say “Enough!” And they’re saying it in no uncertain terms. They know, as people in most countries are now becoming aware of, that the mainstream media with its endless focus on the need to repay those billions and trillions of dollars has totally failed them. Instead of identifying the root of the problem, which is the fact that privately owned central banks (like the US Federal [not] Reserve) and Big Bank executives who have become unelected treasury secretaries and government advisers are hell-bent on destroying economies rather than rescuing them, the media prostitutes continue to present crippling austerity measures as the only possible solution to problems that have been deliberately created in the first place. (more good reasons to be prepared)

Now let us put all this in a nutshell, and look ahead just a little way into the future.
Europe is going to implode and explode this summer. The million-strong march in Spain is but a portent of what is to come.

Do not be surprised if those volatile Spaniards find a banker or two and run them through the streets or set them up on a flagpole (unharmed of course) as a caricature and example of what should be done to all those who have sucked the life-blood out of country after country. If that happens, those who have controlled the game of money Monopoly for so long, will discover that in the final analysis, the Banker cannot prevail against millions of pissed off serfs.

Michael Knight is an independent writer who began an international career in all media in 1960. He now owns The Portland Preparedness Center in Portland Oregon. twitter: @JournoMichael

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