The M9.0 Report Is Out

The M9.0 Report Is Out

Wise Preppers Take Note

It has taken the Oregon earthquake safety commission 14 months to prepare a report on what would happen if (when) a M9.0 or greater earthquake hits the West Coast – but it would take just a few minutes to see thousands of buildings destroyed and as many as 5000 people dead – in Oregon alone.

The report was ordered after the ‘quake that devastated Japan in 2011 because a similar-size ‘quake did happen on the Cascadia subduction zone in the past, and it is inevitable that another one will occur.
Cascadia Subduction Zone video
In fact, scientists say it’s overdue.

Therefore it’s imperative that we take notice of this latest report, especially now that the Ring of Fire is producing numerous M6.0 and even M8.0 ‘quakes, such as one last night in theSolomon Islands that destroyed three villages in a heartbeat – and was followed by as many as 37 >M5.0 quakes in just seven hours.

Wise preppers do NOT ignore such things. They do not just brush them off. Instead, they are aware and prepare, even if there’s a sense of “who knows when?” Or, as many do, and do nothing…”Not in my lifetime!”

After 14 months of study Commission chairman Kent Yu and 150 people from various state agencies have concluded that emergency response in the greater Portland area would be crippled immediately because fuel storage tanks along the Willamette River sit on soil that would liquefy, which in turn would likely destroy road access and probably rupture tanks and pipelines.

Worse still, it could take up to a year to restore water services to that area alone.

So now, imagine what would happen to downtown Portland which sits on top of a natural gas pipeline that we’re told by one of our customers is large enough to drive a pickup inside of.

The commission is now saying you should have enough emergency supplies to last you two weeks, rather than the currently suggested 72-hours worth. (We’d say much more than two weeks is essential, if you plan to get through the recovery period of as much as a year without city water being available – and who knows what would happen to the transport infrastructure and associated bulk food deliveries).

Portland Bridges Vulnerable In An EarthquakeWhile the report recommends retrofitting bridges to minimize damage, let’s be realistic. Where’s the money going to come from? And isn’t it more likely that local politicians will spend more time planning to build yet another bridge rather than retrofitting those that already exist?

Furthermore, although the commission’s stated goal is to be able to restore water and power services in as little as two to four weeks, again, let’s be realistic. It will more than likely take months.

If essential personnel such as first responders and experienced maintenance crews  are among the projected 5000 dead, and if those who survive haven’t done anything by way of preparing for themselves and their families in advance, they’ll be more concerned about personal survival than helping you get water and sewage services back to your place – assuming it’s not one of the thousands destroyed in such an earthquake,

And by the way, as rare as an M9.0 earthquake might be, those of about M6.0 and above are becoming much more frequent, and can be extremely damaging themselves, especially when they strike heavily populated cities and outlying areas.

Michael Knight.
Editor – Wise Prepper News.

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PS:_ We have an excellent video by the USGS on the subject of the Cascadia subduction zone on our front page here.

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