The Northwest Condition, This week on The Wise Prepper Show

James Roddey

Join us for a little bit of of science and speculation this week on The Wise Prepper show. Special guest James Roddey, “The prophet of Doom”, will be joining me in the studio to discuss the earthquake and tsunami hazards we face here in the Northwest, and how those hazards effect you!

We want you to truly understand the science behind WHY you NEED to GET PREPARED, and what steps you can take now to cover the basics and plan for the long term.

James is an advocate of preparedness and an ex-Oregon state geology official he is the director of ReadySetPrepare and personally one of my favorite speakers when it comes to all things earth.

We encourage you to call in during the show and ask your questions as we team up to educate and prepare you for the earthquake that WILL happen.

Join us this Saturday Evening 8-9PM on 101.1FM or Streaming live online at for this great show!

-Joshua Patterson

Anteros Oberon
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7 years ago

More info on Cascadia earthquakes please! I live in Portland. This is scary stuff, and I want to be prepared!

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