The world watches and waits to see what North Korea will do next.

North Korea prepared for the annual celebration of its founder’s birth on Monday, having rejected talks with South Korea aimed at reducing tensions and reopening a joint industrial park between the two countries.

The world watches and waits to see what North Korea will do next, all eyes are on North Korea on Monday to see if it marks the birthday of late founder Kim Il Sung with an expected missile launch, despite tension-reducing noises from Seoul and Washington.

North Korea has a habit of linking high-profile military tests with key dates in its annual calendar. The centenary of Kim’s birth last year was preceded by a long-range rocket test that ended in failure.

South Korean intelligence says the North has had two medium-range missiles primed and ready to fire for nearly a week, with many observers tapping Monday’s anniversary as a likely launch date.


According to internet speculation there is another possibility. “North Korea in December successfully orbited a satellite weighing 220 pounds Kwangmyongsong-3 Unit 2 satellite (its name, which means “bright star,” comes from a Chinese-language poem by founding North Korean leader Kim Il Sung)–

There is speculation that the statlite may contain a nuclear warhead, allowing them to deliver against the United States, or against any nation on Earth, a small nuclear warhead,” said Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who served as staff director on the a commission that looked into the effects of an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, on the national electrical grid system and other critical U.S. infrastructure.

“A nuclear weapon designed specifically to generate a powerful electromagnetic pulse, or EMP – a single such ‘super-EMP’ warhead would be able to collapse the U.S. electric grid and other critical infrastructures, inflicting catastrophic consequences on the entire nation – would probably be deliverable by North Korea’s so-called ‘space launch vehicle’ over the United States,” said Pry, who also worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. “North Korea orbited its satellite on a trajectory and at an altitude ideal for making an EMP attack on the U.S.”

So while the world waits. We think of these possibilities.


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[…] The world watches and waits to see what North Korea will do next. […]

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