West Coast Earthquake Dreams

It’s Strange But True

“The Proof Of Prediction
Is The Fact After The Event.”

So What Are We Waiting For?

We do not consider ourselves to be prophets, but it seems worthwhile to at least contemplate some unsettling reports from several people who have been having  dreams about a major earthquake on the West Coast.

Then we’ll balance that out with some down-to-earth facts about recent earthquakes and what scientists are saying they could be a precursor to.

One source says he has “seen” dolphins swimming around the Space Needle in Seattle.

Another, that in his dream  there was a massive underwater disturbance that raised the seabed and started the ocean “not like a tsunami” pushing its way inland and up multiple rivers as the seabed rose.

The result was that huge areas of low-lying coastline were soon underwater while rivers overflowed their banks into surrounding towns and cities.

Such dreams, or visions if you will, are easily dismissed by skeptics. But when they are reported by a number of people who don’t know each other, one has to say there just may be some real substance to what they’re reporting.

We’ve also mentioned Clif High’s “webbot” reports which use algorithms to analyze language used on the Internet, and in several of his reports he has spoken of a “global coastal event” as happening sometime in the next few months, or next year.

Now let’s look at the “real” evidence that could be telling us to expect a Magnitude 9.0 earthquake that would devastate every city from Vancouver BC down to the southern end of the San Andreas Fault.

To do that, we’re going to recommend that you read and seriously take note of this report on the “modernsurvivalblog” site.

The report starts like this:-

“At the Seismology Lab at the University of Washington, there is concern that the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred on the British Columbia coast over the weekend could affect the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, and northern California.
“We need to watch the whole region with extra care,” said a seismologist there.

“The magnitude 7.7 was a big earthquake, considered one of the most significant along the northwest coast in 60 years.

“Reported by NWCN.com in Seattle, scientists also looked to see if the quake affected volcanoes in Washington, and will remain on alert for at least several more weeks. So far, everything is quiet…”

So far…..and all of us would be very happy if it stayed that way.

Please read that report (here’s the link again) and decide for yourself whether a combination of dreams, forward-looking information garnered from the Internet, and actual events such as these creeping earthquakes off Vancouver Island – followed by concerns expressed by scientists about possible earthquake activity spreading down to California, including potential volcanic eruptions, are worth considering – and preparing for.

Happy Thanksgiving Folks.

Michael Knight.

The Portland Preparedness Center.

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