Will martial law be declared at some point? And Soon?

Will martial law be declared at some point? And Soon?

martial-lawWe have to wonder about that, especially in light of having been told by one of our customers with connections to the military, that soldiers and officers are now being asked whether they are prepared to fire on their fellow citizens.

In his words, “most of them lie and say ‘Yes’ because they want to keep their job. But those who tell the truth and say ‘No’ are being dismissed.”

What he said to us dovetails with
what followed that conversation – a
sudden surge of stories about exactly that on numerous independent media outlets.

Has the mainstream touched it? Not that we’ve seen so far. And can such stories be corroborated from other sources, some of which are now seeing a connection between the military being asked if they’ll shoot fellow citizens, and the early retirement of CENTCOM’s General James Mattis.

What the mainstream, such as Fox News, has done, is to report that “CENTCOM Commander Gen. James Mattis reportedly is being forced out of his current post several months early, possibly over disagreements with Obama administration officials over policies toward Iran and other international issues.”

With long experience that includes the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, General Mattis is said to have asked too many “what then?” questions, such as, once the nuclear issue is settled with Iran, “what then,?” – and he no doubt was well aware of a 1999 CENTCOM “exercise called “Desert Crossing” centered on the scenario of Saddam Hussein being ousted as Iraq’s dictator. The exercise concluded that … “fragmentation and chaos” will ensue after Saddam Hussein’s overthrow.”

Gen. James Mattis

How right they were. And yet our civilian leaders went ahead and created that very thing, which has cost billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives, and despite all that they are now stoking the fires of war with Iran, including threats of using nuclear weapons in a “pre-emptive strike.”

General Mattis may have been an unwelcome voice of reason in this debate. But does his sudden departure have anything to do with the military being asked if they will fire on fellow citizens?

We can only say that it’s yet another suspicious moment in a time of widespread concern.

And where did the claim come from in the first place.

For that answer, we seek and find Dr Jim Garrow, founder of “Pink Pagoda” which has helped save thousands of young Chinese girls from gendercide. “The substantial financial contributions and dedication of just one man, Dr. Jim Garrow, have saved the lives of some 45,000 Chinese girls who otherwise would have been “set aside” to die in the one-child culture that demands male offspring, as documented in the book “The Pink Pagoda: One Man’s Quest to End Gendercide in China.”

Dr Garrow, who was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is therefore a person of credibility. Logically, he has no reason to start a rumor or spread falsehoods.

Which brings us to his Facebook page and the following post on January 21:-

“I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new ‘litmus test’ in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not. Those who will not are being removed.”

– Dr. Jim Garrow – January 21, 2013.

Dr Jim Garrow

Now let’s dig deeper. Snopes, which is supposedly a hoax slayer, slays itself in
attempting to debunk Dr Garrow by using phrases like “the claim fits a common model of conspiracy theory…:” and ….“not a single reputable news outlet has reported such a story.” (Well, of course not! Because reputable they are not). So Snopes itself looks like a very unreliable arbiter in this case.

What we need is Dr Garrow, in person, or as close as we can get to that. Then we’ll decide for ourselves.

In a following interview on patrioticmoms.com, Dr Garrow says: “Well I think what’s been expressed to me is that officers at the highest level are being asked a hypothetical question in which they’re asked ‘would you be able to follow your oath of office and follow the command structure and the orders given you by someone in a rank above you up to and including the Commander In Chief, if a scenario developed where a group of people would not submit and lay down their arms when ordered to. Could you find yourself obeying the order to fire on American citizens?’ That was what was presented to me.”

That interview was conducted by Gary Franchi of WHDN in Boston. Franchi points out that the source quoted by Dr Garrow is “something of a legend in the US military.”

He also questions whether the administration is using the Sandy Hook massacre to further its own agenda, a point which seems obvious to any impartial observer, and to which Dr Garrow says “Yes.”

He also says his source is concerned that the administration is “conducting an ideological purge” of the military; that the upsurge in gun sales since Sandy Hook has totally caught them by surprise, and that “I think the American public, if they really knew what was going on, they would be preparing for a civil war.”

Which brings us back to General Mattis and his early retirement, about which we suggest you draw your own conclusions, as you should with this entire scenario as it unfolds from here on. 

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