X Class Flares Possible – Sunspot Six Times Bigger Than Earth

Fast Growing Sunspot, AR1678

NASA is reporting that “The bottom two black spots on the sun (image at left), known as sunspots, appeared quickly over the course of Feb. 19-20, 2013. These two sunspots are part of the same system and are over six Earths across.”

Spaceweather advises CHANCE OF FLARES: New sunspot AR1678 has developed a delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for strong explosions. NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% chance of M-flares and a 15% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.

Whether or not these flares will have any serious impact on Earth (if at all) remains to be seen, but there is a possibility of satellites being affected, and Earth too, since the chance of M- and X-Class flares  is given as up to 25 per cent over the next 48 hours.

This then is a courtesy alert – not a prediction:-)


Michael Knight.
Portland Preparedness Center.


email news@getreadyportland.com

PS – We have just restocked with 55 gallon water barrels, and we’ll have a range of mylar bags in by Friday (but call to make sure).

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